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MJ: This one kept me guessing right up until the last couple of chapters - much more so than Emma or Pride and Prejudice.

Cass: Well, everyone knows how Pride and Prejudice ends.

MJ: I honestly couldn’t see how Austen was going to turn things around into the traditional everybody-gets-married ending. I’m impressed that she wrapped everything up so neatly in such a short space of time without resorting to deus ex machina.

Cass: Be honest - there’s a bit of deus ex machina in there. Don’t underestimate what writers of the time would resort to just to get everyone safely in wedlock by the end.

MJ: I’m not so sure. I felt that every revelation that came in the last couple of chapters was consistent with the characterisation she’d built up throughout. It’s not a deus ex if you can read the book again and say “yes, this time I see it coming”.

Cass: Best get re-reading, then. We can finish this debate when you’re done.

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