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A sketch of Thomas Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder for my Thesis project The Gateway of the Monster.


Give the gif of SpiderGwen this Christmas. -rico


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I’m doing a one-off, one-night-only candle-lit reading of William Hope Hodgson’s The Whistling Room in south London this Hallowe’en. Get your tickets here!

It’s on Thursday 30 October at The Selkirk, a nice roomy Tooting pub with real ale, Northern Line access and a nice spooky upstairs performance space. The same upstairs performance space, incidentally, where we staged the world premiere of Audience with the Ghost Finder last year.

Audience is based on William Hope Hodgson’s tales of Carnacki, the ghost finder. The Whistling Room is one of those. In fact, it’s the first one I ever came across, and a strong contender for my favourite of the nine (it’s got stiff competition in the form of The Hog).

So you can bet that I will spend this reading enthusiastically overplaying all my favourite bits and generally trying to make you, the audience, feel every bit of the ‘creep’ I felt on my first encounter with whatever the thing is that haunts Iastrae Castle. Or I would be overplaying if I wasn’t getting expert directorial assistance from Ellie Pitkin, she of Blackshaw Theatre, who also directed Audience.

That’s right! This won’t just be a bod in a room reading you a story. This is going to be theatre. Honestly, I thought the most I might get in terms of set dressing would be a big armchair (and as a lifelong fan of Masterpiece Monsterpiece Theatre, I would have been a-okay with that), but I got an email this week from Blackshaw’s costume designer asking for my measurements, and folks, I’m pretty sure that means I get a costume for this! And I have it on good authority there might be sound effects as well. Those of you of a sensitive disposition, consider yourselves warned.

As well as me, the night includes Fetch, a brand new spooky play by Duncan Gates. If you can’t make it to see me on the 30th, you can still make it to see Fetch on 31 October and 1 November. Duncan’s reading an MR James story after the play on the 31st, and there’s a party after the play on the 1st.

Here’s a short post by Ellie that tells you everything you need to know at a glance, without all the autobiographibabble.

Here’s where you buy tickets. You buy tickets now.

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Jack Cloth / Anne Oldman - A TOUCH OF CLOTH

I know it’s MOSTLY for the sake of this (AMAZING) pun, but I do appreciate that both lead characters in CLOTH are bi, and canonically, visibly bi at that. Like, it’s not just “puns away! now let’s pretend they didn’t say that”. They both experience attraction to male and female characters over the course of the show. So yep. This dumb spoof show with a script that is 50% idiotic puns and 30% meta nonsense and 20% sight gags has more prominent bi representation than ANY other TV show I’m aware of.

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okay so i have a question for archers that use hip quivers? i don’t think either way is wrong because it depends on the preference of the archer but since i’m a right-handed shooter, i tend to put the hip quiver on my right side but i’ve seen people put it on their left side even if they’re a right-handed shooter? and i was curious if that would somehow affect the way they shot? because i know it did for me when i tried it.

Not sure why someone would want to reach across the body to draw an arrow. I wear mine on the right side (draw the string with my right hand, so right handed). I have seen people angle the arrows forward/backwards, but never seen a right handed shooter wear the quiver on the left side.

At the club where I shoot (shoutout to 2020 in London, UK!), the shooting line can get quite crowded. The logical side to wear your hip quiver from the point of view of easily reaching your arrows is sometimes not the logical side from the point of view of staying out of other people’s way - I’ve seen people catching their bows on the arrows sticking out of other people’s hip quivers as they raise. So I think the rule of thumb is probably: wear it in whichever side is comfortable and makes sense, unless it’s throwing other people off their game!


how to tell if someone is really bisexual:

  • if a true bisexual utters their name backwards, it will send them back to their home dimension for a minimum of 90 days. 
  • fire type bisexuals will always be able to learn the move solarbeam, unless they are flareon. 
  • biologically, bisexuals are incapable of going down stairs.
  • some bisexuals are unable to cast a shadow, though this is currently up for debate

Happy Bi Visibility Day, everyone! I would join the celebrations, but the lift is out in my building so I’m stuck in my top floor flat til they fix it or I rig up some kind of rappelling type thingy out the window.

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It’s Bi Visibility Day! Is this visible enough or should I add some fairy lights or something?

Making a Scene with Lauren Laverne on BBC 6music

On the confluence of pop music, fashion and youth subcultures. I’d call it good timing that this came out while I was in the middle of writing something largely about that very confluence, but I’ve been writing said thing for the last … year? year and a half or something? I really don’t want to do the maths - so statistically it was probably more likely to appear while I was writing this thing than not (disclaimer: I am not a statistician).

You’ve got 6 days left to listen on iPlayer if you fancy.


Headcanon: Abed only got his job at SHIELD as a spousal benefit when they recruited Troy for their gadgets division

Evidence, incontrovertible: When everything else in Fury’s car was broken, what was still 100% operational? THE AIR CONDITIONING.

Bunny, related: Abed meets Sam while visiting Troy in the hospital and explains to him, scene by scene, why he is definitely the lead in a romcom, not the sidekick in an action movie.

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By Matt D. Wilson

In case you haven’t read it yet (and missed our review), Edge of Spider-Verse #2 by Jason LaTour and Robbi Rodriguez is a fantastic comic. It introduces an alternate-universe Gwen Stacy who become Spider-Woman and is on the run from the cops after being blamed for the death of poor old Peter Parker. It also involves an awesome element: A band called The Mary Janes, in which Gwen is the drummer, Mary Jane Watson is the lead singer/bassist, Glory Grant is the keyboardist, and Betty Brant plays lead guitar.

That’d be cool enough on its own, but a band called Married With Sea Monsters took it a step further. They’ve actually recorded a version of the song from the comic, “Face It Tiger,” and posted it to YouTube.


This track is 100% my jam right now.